forever love

I will love you when you’re old and grey
I will love you night and day
I will love you through good times and bad

I will love you when you’re happy or sad
I will love you when your health fails
I will love you when I have to wipe your tail
I will love you cause GOD meant it to be
I will love you through eternity
Everything gets old and withers and dies
But He has our home up in his heavenly sky
Keep that breathtaking smile on your face
For we are going to a better place
There will be no sorrows , aches or pains
And where every one is the same
For joy and happiness will follow us
For in our GOD we put our trust.
© L . RAMS 022120

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political gangsters

The political gangster is the one who uses the political
Powers of their office to intimidate the others to do
What they say and do whatever they deem necessary to
eliminate all rivalry.
It matters not if innocent people get hurt in the process
As long as they can control others.
We now live in a political ground where the UNITED STATES
Has been turned around,
No longer are we free, for we live under political hypocrisy.
Politicians are misinterpreting the laws
and leading us into another civil war.
When we no longer speak and close our lips
we allow this Country to be ruled by Dictatorship.
What would our forefathers say – if they was to see how
This country is being run today ?
When has any politician in this country looked to another
Country to help them win an election, and in their mind
They are perfection.
It reminds me of the games we used to play “ follow the leader “
And “ Simon says “ – but this is” reality” and not the way life
should be.
We grew up from girls and boys and put away our children toys.
No longer can a guilty person be tried , because evidence and testimony
They will tend to hide.
This is my belief and you do not have to agree , but what the
future holds we will see.
© L . RAMS 020320

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letter of love

writing letters still exists

Letter of love

After many years I picked up my pen to write
A letter to a long lost friend.
We grew up together she and I , together we
Laughed , we joked and at times we cried.
Then her and her family moved away
I searched for her night and day.
Like most teens in school we knew each other
By first name , as I searched – it seemed in vain.
When one of her friends I happened to see
And her address and name was given to me.
With tears in my eyes I started to write and my
Heart was filled with delight.
My feelings poured out on to the paper !

“ I fell in love with you from the start- you captured
My soul and my heart.
A happiness I never felt before until you walked into that door..
I don’t know if you feel the same way too , but my heart
Belongs to only you “

Two days later I received a reply
“ I’m sorry I never got to say good-bye “
My feelings for you are the same and maybe I’ll
Get to carry your name.
We’ll meet in college and start again for I love you
Much more than a friend .

The college years went by fast and we knew our love would last
Careers we both have now , and we took our wedding vows
Our love letters we put away for our children to read some day.
© L . RAMS 012920

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mothers love


I am but a mere child clinging to my mother s breast
Sucking out the love she has inside, as it makes me
Dizzy as if I am high.
The warmth and nourishment that it gives
Gets me stronger – with the strength to live.
Mother! Your love can’t be denied, it is something you cannot hide.
And you may not be around to see me grow
But in your heart you will know.
Whether it be distance or death that keeps us apart
You will always have me in your heart.
You nurtured and tutored me to know right from wrong
And showed me how to become unselfish and strong.
You showed me how a mother s gentle heart can be
And from indignations and chains you set me free.
We was born free – no leg irons or shackles to be found
Even the umbilical cord was thrown to the ground.
We as children are born free as eagles up in the sky
We could soar and we could climb.
All of this has been given to me, because you and GOD set me free.
GOD gave us a brain for us to use, and a heart with which to choose.
But the most important thing he gave to me
Was a mother “who loved me “.

louis rams
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a better place

All the tears that I have shed , and all the blood that I have bled
Cannot compare to what lies ahead
My soul mate , the love of my life is going to a place in paradise.
She says the gates have opened wide for her “ to go inside “.
Family and friends have gathered around for she is heaven bound.
The pathway is lit up with lights so bright , and all the
Angels in plain sight.
“ Swing Low , Sweet Chariot “being sung by a choir
Burning in her heart like a fire .
Her eyes are glassy and she has a smile on her face
Telling me she’s going to a better place.
For me not to cry, not to shed a tear for in my
Heart she’ll always be there.
I held her in my arms till her last breath , and now
I must lay her to rest.
I know I’ll follow you thru heavens gate
So wait for me – I won’t be late.
© L . RAMS 012320

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food for thought

As we get older we tend to search for what will complete us , such as love ,companionship
Friendship, , communication , a hug , a kind word .
The thing is that when we are young we do not think about getting old ,or getting ailments
That we never had before such as loss of strength , loss of memory ,loss of sight
Loss of hearing and so much more.
We feel infallible and nothing can hurt us , but we do get older and with age comes
Many things that we drag around like a chain .
We look at our parents and at times tend to ignore them and their complaints of pain.
There are more things going on now than ever before , with all the technology
We can go on a computer or cell phone and get information so much easier than ever before.
In doing and using this technology we can learn about a person and even destroy that
Person and their livelihood or shut down a company s system with the touch of a finger.
It seems that it is like the movies where robots become the masters of humanity .
Tell the people that are in your life that you love them before it is too late.
We will not be around when you need us or a listening ear or eyes to see your tears.
© L . RAMS 012020

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written by me and sung professionally

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windsongs in my mind

written by me and sung professionally

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awaken the kraken

They go into politics with good intentions in mind
Till the corrupt politicians make them blind.
They say you cannot achieve that goal without the help
Of someone , so they introduce you to the one
They will back you with billboards, radio and TVs. ads
If you follow their simple plan.
They are lobbyist who are willing to pay if you do what they say.
Once they have their nails in you – none of your dreams will come true.
You are now just a piece of meat from your head to our feet.
They will freeze you or eat you as they see fit and take their
Bites bit by bit.
The only ones that stay true to themselves are the peacekeepers
The KENNEDYS who were assassinated because they wanted change
And we as the public are to blame.
Wealth and power is what politicians seek and want the public blind and weak , so we allow this because we are meek and afraid if we speak.
( truth being said : no one person can do it on their own without
Physical or financial help from people who believe the same as you)
Injustices can only be fought with the power of voices united .

© L . RAMS 011820

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strangers love

You came into town as a stranger, but one look at you
And my heart was in danger.
How could I avoid your piercing eyes looking deep into my soul
Touching every fiber and taking all control.
When you spoke it was like a soothing song and in that flow
Was where I belonged.
You asked : can you tell me the best place in town where
I could lay my weary head down ?
You touched my arm and it was like electricity in my veins
And I’ll never be the same.
What is this power that you posses that I want to show
You my very best!

Yet when I wanted to speak, my tongue got tied and my
Knees got weak.
Is this what they call “ love at first sight “ ?.
Am I wrong or am I right ?
Can someone you meet for the very first time
Control your heart and your mind.
She said : I fell in love with you many years ago
But I was young and you didn’t know .

We moved away- and in my heart you did stay , so now
I’m back to stake my claim cause you’re the one that
I need to tame , they’ll be no more running around
So you better plant your feet on the ground.

This is that strangers love of which I speak , when my tongue
Got tied and my knees got weak. YAHOO
© L . RAMS 011620

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