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i am known as the story telling poet and my poems are in rhyme and verse. i write about all subject matter. i am also on poemhunter.con with over 700 poems listed and on five other sites. i have written a " hope series" with thirteen stories which i think is of interest, and i will post the first one and if you like it , i will then post the others. ENJOY THE READS

the fall of the pandemic

something to ponder   With this pandemic worldwide I would love to Be by your side. Laughing, playing and telling jokes, both learning how to cope. Peoples lives have become devastated In a world that we created. Now from relatives … Continue reading

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last breath, final thought

Breathing on a respirator with a plastic cover around my bed Wondering if in the morning I’ll be alive or I’ll be dead. Family members can’t see me or give me moral support Because I could infect them – so … Continue reading

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2020 pandemic

DEAR GOD – hear our prayers , people are dying everywhere Some are losing hope and faith , thinking that it’s much too late To try to turn their lives around when the rains of death are coming down. Believers … Continue reading

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snow mountain

No one knew how it came to be Even to the scientists it was a mystery. In the summer months where everything turned green Except for Snow Mountain where nothing but snow Was seen. People from all walks of life … Continue reading

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devils hold

The devil had came and took a hold of me , but GOD Came and set me free. There was temptations all around and that’s where I’d be found. Hurting myself and so many others , not caring for sisters … Continue reading

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international women’s day sale

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international women’s day 2020

Today is international women’s day where we praise them Not only for things they do and things they say but for Seeing life in every way. They are mothers, sisters , aunts , lovers and are confidants And soul mates … Continue reading

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