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letter of love

writing letters still exists Letter of love After many years I picked up my pen to write A letter to a long lost friend. We grew up together she and I , together we Laughed , we joked and at … Continue reading

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mothers love

  I am but a mere child clinging to my mother s breast Sucking out the love she has inside, as it makes me Dizzy as if I am high. The warmth and nourishment that it gives Gets me stronger … Continue reading

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a better place

All the tears that I have shed , and all the blood that I have bled Cannot compare to what lies ahead My soul mate , the love of my life is going to a place in paradise. She says … Continue reading

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food for thought

As we get older we tend to search for what will complete us , such as love ,companionship Friendship, , communication , a hug , a kind word . The thing is that when we are young we do not … Continue reading

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written by me and sung professionally

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windsongs in my mind

written by me and sung professionally

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awaken the kraken

They go into politics with good intentions in mind Till the corrupt politicians make them blind. They say you cannot achieve that goal without the help Of someone , so they introduce you to the one With ‘ THE BIG … Continue reading

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strangers love

You came into town as a stranger, but one look at you And my heart was in danger. How could I avoid your piercing eyes looking deep into my soul Touching every fiber and taking all control. When you spoke … Continue reading

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play station consoles

play stations, nintendos , xboxes and so much more

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band of brothers

Band of brothers We are a band of brothers and sisters stationed In countries far away – where civil wars Are fought “day to day“. We’ve become the peace keepers for the oppressed Who are so very tired and need … Continue reading

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