Christmas Child #2

my Christmas story #8

one each day of the month

Christmas Child 2
Christmas is all about love sent with a child from the heavens above
A child who was born as a carpenter’s son who came to bless every one
He wasn’t born wealthy or lived in a castle or on a mountain high
But he was praised and honored from all the angels in the sky.
Because of his birth three kings followed a star and traveled from afar
When they arrived to where the star shone that is where this child was born
In a manger with cattle and sheep sitting on the hay, as they all knelt to pray.
They came with gifts to honor a king with gold, frankincense
And myrrh they did bring.
There is not diamonds, gold, silver, pearls or riches of any kind
That could compare to what he has left behind.
It is the power of love and the love that he shared with every one
And as they say: his will be done.
You hear of him in religious books, storybooks. And word of mouth
And how his words came about.
There is no story greater than his birth and life, not Sampson and Delilah
Hercules, Joan of arc, Moses, or Noah and his arc, and so many
Others on which I won’t embark.
One man who created a new religion called Christianity
And if you take the first part of that word, it is CHRIST.
Then you also have Christmas so don’t take CHRIST out of Christmas.
What more can I say !

About poetlou

i am known as the story telling poet and my poems are in rhyme and verse. i write about all subject matter. i am also on poemhunter.con with over 1200 poems listed and on five other sites. i have written a " hope series" with thirteen stories which i think is of interest, and i will post the first one and if you like it , i will then post the others. ENJOY THE READS
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