love is gods dominating force ( truth and comedy )

Why is it that since the beginning of time men who have
Become leaders want to defeat and dominate- is it to show
Their people that they are great?
World domination will never be found, it will always fall to the ground.
We must follow GODS course, for LOVE IS THE DOMINATING FORCE !
I look at life and I must laugh – GOD gave man muscle and mass
And gave women soft tits and ass.
Then he told ADAM & EVE not to touch the apple on the tree
Knowing well that it could never be- women were put here to tempt man
With their loving gentle hand.
She pulled down the apple and took the first bite , and mans willpower
Was lost that same night.
Now he looked at her in a different view, and knew exactly what he had to do.
What was lost- now was the will of man!
This was all part of GODS plan! He had to create temptation so that
Man could choose right from wrong, and he put the devil where he belonged.
Then the world was ready for the coming of his son, and a
New beginning would be done.
He would have followers of his word through his sons voice he would be heard.
With the free will that he gave us – he added comedy to break the monotony.
In the bible, he then said: the meek shall inherit the earth!
And the women took it for all its worth !
Look throughout history, the rise and fall of every man
There stood a woman s hand.
From the greatest love stories ever told to the nations that would fold!
The tragic love stories of HELEN OF TROY, SAMPSON AND DELILAH
Carried man s love so much higher.
Then the best one yet was ROMEO AND JULIET.
Oh, yes! For the love of a woman man will fall, because the women know it all.
They use their bodies to manipulate! That is what makes them so great.
Most of us men will deny these facts, but there is no turning back.
The minds of men will always be at a loss

About poetlou

i am known as the story telling poet and my poems are in rhyme and verse. i write about all subject matter. i am also on poemhunter.con with over 1200 poems listed and on five other sites. i have written a " hope series" with thirteen stories which i think is of interest, and i will post the first one and if you like it , i will then post the others. ENJOY THE READS
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