Depression is spreading – like the disease that it is


No matter where you go – no matter where you live.


It takes over your mind- then spreads to every limb


Depression is a disease which is hard to win.


every one loses in the end


As you turn your back on family and friends.


It grows like cancer every day


And some things you can do


But nothing you can say.


You feel empty and hollow inside


To a point you start to cry.


Some times it’s a tightness in your stomach


That never stops , and your chest feels like


It’s about to explode


These are some symptoms that we’ve been told.


It can also include fits of rage


And it will grow stage by stage


To a point that you actually lash out


This is what depression is all about.


Most will go under a doctors care


To find out how it came about


But it is a growing sickness


Of that there is no doubt.


© L . RAMS

About poetlou

i am known as the story telling poet and my poems are in rhyme and verse. i write about all subject matter. i am also on poemhunter.con with over 1200 poems listed and on five other sites. i have written a " hope series" with thirteen stories which i think is of interest, and i will post the first one and if you like it , i will then post the others. ENJOY THE READS
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