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haus – lady Gaga

she is into beauty and song and this is where you belong


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wars defiant ones

my soldiers poem of the day

Wars Defiant Ones



They came back from the war as defiant as can be
As if they had a split personality.
Tragedies had opened up the doors
To many things they never saw before.

Seeing homeless children roaming the streets
Women who didn’t listen – would get beat.
Terrorist groups killing their own
Pipe bombs planted, ready to be blown.

Civilians scattering all around
Dead bodies laying on the ground.
Men, women and children in the square
On their knees saying their prayers
But to a terrorist they don’t care.

Don’t they realize that life must change
Nothing ever stays the same.
Families being torn apart
As death tears at their hearts.

Natural causes kill millions of people every day
Why are we letting war lead the way?
No matter what name for GOD you may use
When it comes to war – we all lose.

Look at the hospitals in a war zone
Children left with no skin and broken bones
People have lost many a limb
The war is getting worse – it looks grim.

YES! AMERICA has lots of imperfections
But people look to us for protection.
Our soldiers After seeing all the atrocities
They come back defiant as can be
To try to change the course of history.

louis rams
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peace and war

my soldiers poem of the day

Peace And War


58,000 americans died in the vietnam war
our soldiers being sent to far distant shores.
war is not the key to our salvation
let peace reign throughout every nation.

how much more tragedies must we see
before we try to save humanity.
don’t you think we have enough disasters
without wars taken lives even faster.

we are now in the middle east
in a country where we are detested
in this country that is terrorist infested.

who do not care who they kill
and they say that it’s allas will.

i do not believe that any god
can be so cruel
to use terrorist as a deadly tool.

so let us stop this fighting i pray
that peace will reign from this day.
it must spread throughout the world
for all to see, that this is the way
life is meant to be.

louis rams :
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female soldiers

my soldiers poem of the day

Female Soldiers #2


that is all that they need.

they joined the military to
fight for what they believe
to defend from foes, seen and unseen
in their hearts we are the greatest nation
from the farmlands to the greatest plantations.

it does not matter if they’re black or white
they will never give up freedoms fight.
we have people here from every nation
fighting for americas salvation

women have been the backbone in every war
death they’ve seen by the score.
the plains indian women who fought
alongside their men
it became a common trend.

joan of arc- who lifted the seige
in only nine days
the greatest role a woman could portray.

the uniform does not necessarilly
make her a soldier, but her heart
and strength that make her bolder.
bold enough to cover your back
and pick up all the slack

she will always be therein command
and pick up the rifle from the sand
she will do whatever she must
for in her you put your trust.

she is the female soldier, she stood her ground
of that we should all be proud.

give credit where credit is due
this is what i say to you.

louis rams
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dying soldiers wish

my soldiers poem of the day


Dying Soldiers Wish



We were soldiers young and brave
Now we lay here in our grave
Does anyone remember me when I lived
And that I had so much to give.

I wanted all the things that everyone else did
But my thoughts I had hid.
Knowing that I was going to war
To a far and distant shore.

I gave my life defending this land
I’m sure you understand that when duty calls
You are there to give freedom a helping hand.

Can you remember the color of my eyes or my hair
Do you remember the moments that we shared.
Do you remember the look and words unspoken
Of how our love would never be broken.

Do you remember my smile or my laughter
Or the goals that we was after.
I do not ask you to live in memories
But just once in a while to think of me.

Your thoughts will put my heart at ease
And I’ll feel your gentle breeze
As you call out my name
Then I’ll know I didn’t die in vain.

Death does not take a back seat to war
Death is always at the door.

louis rams
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american soldiers

my soldiers poem of the day

American Soldiers
They stand in their uniforms straight and tall,
They are family members one and all.
They put on the uniforms, not for money, fame, or glory
But for the untold story.
The story of wanting to be free to raise their families.
A story of love, emotion, and religious devotion.
They are willing to take the stand, and become the sacrificial lamb.
They are the AMERICAN soldiers who believe in liberty
To be able to express yourself no matter what it may be.
They come from the farmlands, the mountains, the big cities
And the small towns, where every soldier imaginable can be found.
Just read the story of Sergeant ALVIN YORK who in the
First World War he had fought.
He was a conscientious objector who came from the upper
Farmlands of TENNESSEE – didn’t believe in war but wanted to be free.
They told him about the founding of AMERICA and what they had gone thru
And to make a decision of what he wanted to do.
He sat on the mountaintop staring across the land
Knowing he had to make a decision – he had to take a stand.
With the thought of the bible s verse “thou shall not kill “
And the other thought saying “freedom is not free”
This has been going on throughout history.
He and nine others captured more prisoners than they dared to count
This is what AMERICA is all about.

louis rams

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