if walls could talk

                       IF WALLS COULD TALK

Behind every closed door there is is a story untold
Search inside and it all unfolds.
Stories of love, stories of hate, stories of violence
And stories of faith.
Some will open their eyes for the first time and
Others may close them for the last, while some
Will see the future and others the past.
OH ! If the walls could talk what stories they’d tell
Of the tears of joys and the fears of hell.
You may change the walls colors and renew the place
But you cannot change its same old face.
It has seen more than a movie could ever tell
Of dreams that climbed and dreams that fell.
You can walk out and close the door, but it will
Never be as it was before.
Time moves on and so do we, but the walls will always see.
© L . RAMS 110521

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sculpture of a woman

Sculpture of a woman

In my mind I see your face, in my mind I see our place
The place that we first met, the one that I can’t forget’
The sun was rising above the ocean blue and that
Was when I spotted you staring up at the sky
The most beautiful vision in my eyes.
Your hands were upon your waist, the vision of beauty and grace.
The perfect sculpture from the sun s rays leaving me totally amazed.
Like a Goddess from above for me to treasure and love.
You are the sculpture of every man s desires setting their hearts
Completely on fire.
But you belong to only me- that’s the way it was meant to be.
© L . RAMS 062121

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my fathers day

 my fathers day                   

Our children honor us today in their own special way
They may remember the things we’ve done through out the year
And take us out to dinner and celebrate with some cheer.
Maybe buy us a recliner to pick up our aching feet and seeing
Us smile for them that’s a treat.
An old faded picture restored to new – these are the things that they will do.
But the best gift a man can have on Fathers Day is the love of his family
Which no one can take away.
( a thank you from a father }
© L . RAMS 062021

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raging fire

Raging fire

I danced to the moonbeams up in the sky
I saw the light of the stars reflected in your eyes
I awoke to the brightness of the sun after my
Night with you was done.
I felt the tingling sensation in my body and soul
Of a loving feeling that can never grow old.
I know that you’re an angel sent from above
An angel for me to forever love.
From the moment that your lips touched mine
I felt a raging fire deep inside.
A fire like the blazing sun telling me you’re my only one.
© L . RAMS 061721

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women s silent voices

womens silent voices

who will hear your voice – who will hear your cry
if you just sit idleally by.
who will hear that silent voice, that doesn’t make any noise.
that silent voice like the still of the night , wanting to move
but afraid to fight.
that silent voice that no one will hear because of that inner fear.
there are so many of you who are afraid to take sides
so in the darkness you tend to hide.
the silent voices that cry with pain , so their lives they rearrange.
when that inner voice cries out ” you are woman so stand up proud
and don’t let anyone put you down.
if you have the strength for children to bare , then with other women
your voice you must share.
scream it from the rooftops and the streets below – show your force
so they will know. you bring forth life into this world and show
the love for every boy and girl.
when you can do the jobs of any man . this is when you must
take a stand. equal rights, equal pay so you can meet your
bills from day to day.
(C) L . RAMS 032521

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fallen angel

The angel had fallen from GODS grace when he
Lost his faith in the human race.
Sent down to earth from GOD above to search
The world for humanity s love.
He found the world with bitterness and hate
And just like him they lost their faith.
This was the way he could get back into heavens door
If he could get humanity too sin no more.

GOD knew that Satan would be at every turn , but this
Was a lesson he had to learn.
When GOD gave humanity freedom of choice he wanted
To hear every ones voice.
He wanted the angel to see the Good at heart and the doubters
And the converters who talked about us.

Now ! The angel knew in his heart that this world was falling apart.
He knew he had to renew his faith in GOD and had to touch
Humanity’s heart.
He walked into a house of worship where they was singing
Praises to GOD when this little blind boy walked over to him
Saying : I know you’re an angel because I feel your glow
But only you amd I know !
Will you come and pray with me for all the congregation to see
As only you can explain GODS mysteries !
They walked over to the altar as a deafening silence
Filled the room , as he and the child prayed and
Took away the gloom.
Walking out of the church with his faith once again renewed
He saw the Good at heart, the doubters and the converters
As a family of one “ praising JESUS – GODS only son.
© L . RAMS 031621

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the fall of the pandemic

something to ponder


With this pandemic worldwide I would love to
Be by your side.
Laughing, playing and telling jokes, both learning how to cope.
Peoples lives have become devastated In a world that we created.
Now from relatives and friends we must stand six feet apart
And it’s tearing up my heart.
We text , we phone , we use skype , to check and see
If things are alright.
The world is living in constant fear because death is so very near.
Something that cannot be seen by the naked eye is attacking
Us from deep inside.
This is a biological war and big PHARM knows the score
It was created in a lab so the public can pickup the tab.
Billions of dollars will now be made because big PHARM
And politicians have so much to gain.
They say most countries can now be opened because
The public spirit has now been broken.
But the spirit of truth will overcome and these greedy people will be done.
© L . RAMS 051620

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last breath, final thought

Breathing on a respirator with a plastic cover around my bed
Wondering if in the morning I’ll be alive or I’ll be dead.
Family members can’t see me or give me moral support
Because I could infect them – so this thought I must abort.
Memories of my life are flashing thru my mind , and of
All the beauties that I’ve come to love – i will now leave behind.
I will not see their tears or the pains that they’ll go through
Or be able to comfort them with the words “ I LOVE YOU “
But like a turtle our bodies are just a shell – it’s what’s inside.’ WHERE OUR LIVES DO DWELL “
I’m going to another place where there is no pain
And happiness will come upon me like the falling rain.
I have a calmness that has overcome me and death is not what
I feared it to be.
There is a tranquility which is hard to explain – like floating
On a calm ocean with the sky above and the waters below
And you know which way you’ll go !
There are no signs of wind, rains or storms around
Nothing that can pull you down , and that’s when you know
You’re heaven bound.
I’m sorry I must leave you but GOD needs me now
But in your times of trouble you know I’ll be around.
© L . RAMS 042520

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2020 pandemic

DEAR GOD – hear our prayers , people are dying everywhere
Some are losing hope and faith , thinking that it’s much too late
To try to turn their lives around when the rains of death are coming down.

Believers and non- believers kneel down to pray asking for another way.
Businesses are folding, the economy is down and no work to be found.
People are desperate trying to make ends meet and if we don’t get help
We’ll be out on the street.

Car payments, rent payments , mortgage payments, electric payments
And more – all these companies will be knocking at our door.
Yet the worse thing that I could see is when the Grim Reaper is looking at me
He has no preference to age, color or gender, because he’ll be there
When your life you will surrender.
We have our frontline and first responders who fight him every step
Of the way, and are there day to day.
Let’s give them thanks for what they do for they are trying to
Protect me and you.

YET ! There is love- I see love on the rise
People are watching out for each other and facing it eye to eye.
Listen to my words , listen to what I have to say
GOD is with us if we all kneel to pray.
© L . RAMS 042120

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snow mountain

No one knew how it came to be
Even to the scientists it was a mystery.
In the summer months where everything turned green
Except for Snow Mountain where nothing but snow
Was seen.

People from all walks of life came to Snow Mountain to ski
And where all their hearts began to run free.
Some called it the “Magical Mountain “ were love would begin
To grow , and the joy on their faces that others would get to know.

The cottages all had heart shaped tubs and star studded ceilings
That reflected a moon lit night making your heart soar
Like an Eagle in flight.
Some say that Aliens from another world had built it
For humanity to see – that love will conquer all if you let it be.

For whatever reason that it is there – peoples feelings
They are willing to share.
They leave the mountain with a new outlook on life
With much less worries , struggles and strife.

Snow Mountain memories will glitter like the glitter of gold
It is a treasure they want to hold.

“will you be the the next Snow Mountain guest who will be put tp the test ?”

© L . RAMS 033020

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